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Kelowna International Children’s Games Committee (KICGC)

Our ice hockey girls from Team Kelowna-Lake Placid with their new friends from Akureyri, Iceland, on the Herb Brooks Arena in Lake Placid, January 2019

As part of the legacy of hosting the International Children’s Winter Games in 2011, the KICGC was formed to organize Team Kelowna to go to future Games. We are a team of 11 community volunteers and one City of Kelowna Representative.

We organize and send a team of young athletes and coaches to compete at the International Children’s Games once or twice a year in cities all over the world.

For more news on our activities visit our Facebook page.

Please also visit our Instagram page for photos of Team Kelowna at recent Games.

Team Kelowna BMX athlete in Lake Macquarie, Australia, December 2014

Check out the website of the International Children’s Games (ICG), a recognized organization of the International Olympic Committee.

The goal of the International Children’s Games is to enable, develop and advance the meeting, understanding and friendship of students from different countries, and to advance the Olympic idea.

Team Kelowna-Lake Placid in Lake Placid, USA, January 2019